What We Do

With diverse landscapes, relatively large geographic distances, and a myriad of social, cultural and economic values, the Thompson Watershed is a unique landscape. To help protect this region’s special spaces and species, the TNCC brings diverse perspectives and partners together to support conservation initiatives, including sharing of resources, knowledge, and skills within the Watershed. To help achieve our vision, our goals and strategies are aligned with four focus areas of work.


A healthy watershed supporting biodiversity, clean and abundant water, thriving communities and where Indigenous values, customs and laws are respected and upheld.

To help achieve our vision, our goals and strategies are aligned with four focus areas of work.




& Protection




Working collaboratively to steward the unique species and spaces within the Thompson Watershed.

Guiding principles are foundational to the work of the collaborative:
  1. Collaborative relationship building through communication and cooperation
  2. Co-leadership by Indigenous and non-Indigenous partners
  3. Application of Western and Indigenous science, knowledge and practices through ethical space
  4. Support for cultural and biological diversity and sustainability through an ecosystem-based approach
  5. Recognition and respect for data sovereignty
  6. Indigenous priorities and perspectives are integral to all work

Get Involved

Conservation partners work together to plan for and tackle critical ecological issues throughout the Thompson Watershed — from threats to species at risk, water quantity, air quality, to urban sprawl. Please join us in helping to protect the local environment, and our health.

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