UBCO’s Wetland Delineation and Assessment Program Registration due March 29


Wetlands are among the most productive and diverse ecosystems on the planet. They serve as crucial habitats for a myriad of plant and wildlife species, many of which are specialists in their ecological niches. Beyond biodiversity, wetlands play a pivotal role in flood mitigation, nutrient removal from water bodies, and even act as natural firebreaks within landscapes.

In the face of climate change and environmental degradation, the protection and management of wetlands have never been more critical. UBCO’s Wetland Delineation and Assessment program offers a comprehensive training course designed to equip professionals with the skills needed to assess and delineate wetland boundaries accurately.

The Wetland Delineation and Assessment program is a non-credit, micro-credential course that is tailored for a diverse audience, including professionals with science or engineering backgrounds, land managers, government employees at various levels, conservation organization members, and individuals aiming to enter the environmental field. It covers essential topics such as wetland classification, functions and values, impact assessment, and wetland policy. This blended program combines online learning with in-person fieldwork, ensuring that participants gain both theoretical knowledge and practical experience.

The program begins with an online classroom component from April 8 to 10, followed by a choice of two in-person field sessions on April 22-23 or April 24-25, in Kelowna and Vernon. Participants will also engage in self-directed activities, including quizzes and a capstone project due on May 31.

Registration for this program closes on March 29.

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