Ecological Corridors and Ecological Connectivity Webinar Series, Jan 11 – Mar 28

The Columbia Mountain Institute and the Kootenay Conservation Program are collaboratively hosting a webinar series themed: “Ecological Corridors and Ecological Connectivity.” The webinar will host various speakers that explain the current research and knowledge of ecological corridors and connectivity through a range of different lenses. The primary speaker list for “Ecological Corridors and Ecological Connectivity” is as follows:

  • Michael Proctor, TransBorder Grizzly Bear Project, Kootenay Connect, IUCN Species Survival Commission
  • Leslie Lowe, Beargrass Landscape Architecture
  • Sara Deslauriers, Ktunaxa Nation Council
  • Larry Price, First Nations Emergency Services Society
  • Tracy Lee, Miistakis Institute
  • Rob Ament, Centre for Large Landscape Conservation, IUCN Connectivity Specialist Group, IUCN Transport Working Group, & IUCN Asian Elephant Working Group
  • Lana Ciarniello, Aklack Wildlife Consulting, IUCN Bear Specialist Group, Co-Chair Human-Bear Conflicts Expert Team
  • Justina Ray, Wildlife Conservation Society Canada

The webinar series will take place on Thursdays throughout Jan 11 – March 28.

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