Deertrails Naturalist Program Workshop in Clearwater


May 14-19, 2024

Clearwater, BC

The Land Conservancy of BC

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The Deertrails Naturalist Program is a workshop program offered by The Land Conservancy of BC (TLC), a charitable organization that protects and manages lands and waters for their ecological, social, and cultural values. The program includes activities such as hiking, canoeing, wildlife observation, storytelling, journaling, meditation, and more. It aims to help people develop ecological literacy, foster personal growth, and cultivate community among the participants, who are guided by TLC staff, local experts, and guest speakers.

The 2024 Deertrails is set in the Upper Clearwater Valley, an area renowned for its volcanic history and vibrant ecologies. Throughout the workshop, participants will have the opportunity to explore local flora and wildlife within TLC’s 141 acres of protected wetlands, forests and wildlife corridors, Edgewood Wild, the TRU Wells Gray Education and Research Centre, and neighbouring Wells Gray Provincial Park.

Deertrails is open to students, teachers, artists and naturalists that are interested in exploring and connecting with nature and themselves.

The program runs from May 14 to 19, and registration closes March 13.