TNCC Priority Ecosystems Mapping Project Underway


Thanks to federal funding and contributions from the Real Estate Foundation of BC, the TNCC team is working on a Priority Ecosystems Mapping Project for the region, with an initial focus on areas surrounding the City of Kamloops. The funds are enabling the development of a regional ecosystem carbon capture ranking and prioritization tool, based on climate projections and modeling of grassland and wetland ecosystems that will be present in the long-term and provide high carbon sequestration and storage value.

The Priority Ecosystem Mapping Tool will be an important component of the Regional Conservation Strategy being developed over the next one-to-two years. This will include the development of environmental policies that support priorities for identifying, preserving and restoring important natural areas

Integral to TNCC’s work is co-leadership with Indigenous communities within the region on all conservation activities, consistent learning from Indigenous teachings, protocols, and relationship with the land, as well as education and outreach with partners and local governments to give nature a voice in land-use decisions and management. The Priority Ecosystems Mapping Project specifically aims to support capacity within Indigenous communities to ultimately strengthen planning and management for land and water, and build youth e.g. TNCC has also brought on board a Youth Intern who will engage with youth and Indigenous youth within the Thompson watershed. Look for more information in the upcoming newsletters. 

Photo: Little Shuswap Lake, Chase, BC, by Ben den Engelsen on Unsplash.