TNCC Joins Lac du Bois Restoration


The Thompson-Nicola Conservation Collaborative is getting active in the Watershed this fall. One way we are doing this is by helping Dr. Catherine Tarasoff from Agrowest Consulting and the Grasslands Conservation Council of BC (GCC) on a Lac Du Bois restoration project.

Grasslands account for less than one per cent of BC’s land mass, but are home to more than 30 per cent of the Province’s at-risk animal and plant species. The Lac du Bois grasslands are also home to invasive plants including spotted knapweed, sulphur cinquefoil and chicory. The Invasive Species Council of BC’s StrongerBC crew treated the invasive plants earlier in the summer in efforts to control their growth.

To help restoration of the treated areas, bluebunch wheatgrass plants were salvaged from a park and volunteers were recruited for the transplantation.

On September 21st, TNCC and KNC helped the staff and volunteers transplant 1,000 bluebunch wheatgrass plants into Lac Du Bois in hopes of restoring the area to native plants.

Read an article published on the restoration efforts by CBC. The project is funded by Environment Canada, the Grasslands Conservation Council of B.C.

Photos: Caitlin Quist