Lac du Bois Restoration Fall Workshop


On Saturday, September 23, TNCC attended the Lac du Bois Restoration Workshop co-hosted by Grassland Conservation Council of BC (GCC) and Kamloops Naturalist Club (KNC).

Grassland areas make up only one percent of lands in BC but are home to over 30 per cent of the province’s species at risk.  The Lac du Bois Protected Area grasslands are under threat by invasive plants including spotted knapweed and chicory. The aim of the workshop by GCC and KNC was to pilot effective ways to manage invasive species in the area to help preserve the native and at-risk species that are naturally found in Lac du Bois.

Attendees took part in a hands-on restoration project where the group identified and removed invasive species from a plot, transplanted native plants to ATV tire scars on Red Hill, and planted native species in place of invasive species. Throughout the day, the group learned about the invasive species in Lac du Bois grasslands and how to efficiently propagate native plants for next year’s restoration activities.