Sqítxleqs (Badger) Technical Field Day in Simpcwúl̓ecw, April 24, 2024


On April 24, 2024, Estsék’ Environmental Services and TNCC co-facilitated the Sqítxleqs (Badger) Technical Field Day in Simpcwúl̓ecw where attendees gathered to learn about Simpcw’s badger research project, share ideas about badger research and practice field methods for soils and habitat assessments, camera trapping, and DNA collection via hair snag traps.

The day started with a warm welcome to Simpcwúl̓ecw from Simpcwemc Elder and Knowledge Keeper, Don Bowser, followed by Simpcw Councilor and Fisheries Manager, Tina Donald.

Ceryne Staples, Senior Ecosystems Biologist and project lead, gave an overview of the Simpcw badger study.

Throughout the Sqítxleqs Technical Field Day in Simpcwúl̓ecw, various speakers presented information from their respective expertise related to badger research including:

  • Federal Species at Risk Overview: Critical badger habitat in BC – federal perspective on badger conservation; Badger Population Unit status update – eastern and western populations; Jared Maida, Environment and Climate Change Canada
  • Soil science: Delving into the soil characteristics favorable to badgers, their fossorial prey species, and the ecosystem; Deepa Filatow, Ministry of Water, Land, and Resource Stewardship
  • Badger status and ecology, introduction to hair snagging and culvert assessments; Roger Packham
  • Camera trapping: methods and standardizing the process; Alexia Constantinou


Concluding the day, attendees received field demonstrations on landforms assessment, soil assessment, badger site selection and burrow assessment, and camera trapping. Participants also learned about the Habitat Assessment Forms and hair-snagging devices used in the Simpcw Badger Study.


Overall, the Sqítxleqs Technical Field Day in Simpcwúl̓ecw was a successful learning opportunity with sharing about badger research and the study in Simpcwúl̓ecw.

Help us find badger burrows!

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