Simpcw Study Highlights Benefits of Badgers


Simpcw Natural Resources Department and Estsék’ Environmental LLP (Estsék’) biologists are conducting a research project on the American badger jeffersonii subspecies (Taxidea taxus jeffersonii) in  core badger habitat and surrounding corridors in Simpcwúl̓ecw (Simpcw Territory).

Working together with provincial biologists has allowed the study team to identify key issues facing badgers in the Thompson region, including insufficient knowledge of their population numbers and dynamics, and road mortality. The project will focus on obtaining a current estimate of badger population numbers in Simpcw Territory through DNA and facial recognition analysis, combined with culvert assessments and restoration of blocked culverts. These efforts will inform crucial conservation management decisions regarding badger populations, guide road mitigation strategy decisions, and by restoring blocked culverts, have an immediate beneficial impact on badger road mortality.

Landowner outreach is another critical component of this project, and the team hopes that over the course of the project, they can help educate people on the unique benefits this species brings to the landscape, spread awareness of the unique requirements of this species, and decrease human-badger conflicts.

The team encourages anyone with concerns about badgers on their property to check out this pamphlet published by WildsafeBC.

Photo by Kyra Blackburn