Innoweave Collective Impact Letters of Interest due April 26


Innoweave’s Collective Impact Grant helps participants from a group of different organizations apply the Collective Impact approach to achieve a shared population-level impact goal. Through customized coaching, the process is designed to help participants build a comprehensive plan on how to move forward with a successful Collective Impact initiative.

Collaboratives can request up to $20,000 over two years to help subsidize the cost of coaching.

Innoweave coaching supports aim to help participants of new/developing as well as established collectives/coalitions to:

  • Clarify their impact goals by developing a collective Intended Impact Statement and Theory of Change
  • Conduct data gathering, engagement, and validation of the Intended Impact Statement and Theory of Change
  • Develop an engagement strategy
  • Develop the collective’s action plan which can include
  • Defining and confirming a governance model
  • Developing a learning agenda
  • Developing an evaluation measurement framework
  • Developing a communications plan

Please submit Letters of Interest by April 26.

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