Fraser Basin Council Grant Letters of Interest due April 30


Fraser Basin Council, in partnership with the Province of BC, is offering a one-time grant for local governments in 2024 to explore opportunities for funding conservation tools and incentives on private land to enable and expand the role of local governments in conservation.

Local government activities eligible for this grant may include:

  • Researching private landowner incentive programs and other conservation opportunities from other jurisdictions;
  • Conducting public opinion polls within the region to determine local interest in supporting private land conservation or participating in incentive programs;
  • Reviewing your local government’s potential conservation financing options;
  • Reviewing your local government’s natural assets and/or priority areas for biodiversity conservation (e.g., mapping sensitive areas, inventory of natural assets);
  • Developing a local conservation fund service; and
  • Working on agreements with private landowners and/or non-government organizations.

Grant recipients will be selected based on criteria and project information outlined in the Request for Expression of Interest & Application Form.

The amount available for a local government is expected to be $15,000 to $90,000. Local governments must be able to match the grant 1:1 with non-federal funds and/or in-kind staff time.

Expressions of Interests are due by the April 30 deadline.

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