Farmland-Riparian Interface Stewardship Program (FRISP)


The Farmland-Riparian Interface Stewardship Program (FRISP) assists agricultural producers in their efforts to protect and enhance water qualityriparian vegetation, and fish habitat. The BC Cattlemen’s Association (BCCA), manages and delivers the program through a directed common goal approach to address watershed resource concerns, encouraging sustainable land management practices in support of the agricultural sector.

FRISP takes pride in supporting community involvement in all its projects through equipment sharing, dividing up certain contracts for shared workload, as well as involving high school students, industry partners and local non-profits groups in planting partnerships. This can create a great sense of community pride and awareness, focusing on functional watercourse systems and riparian management.

FRISP can help you with any identified riparian issue on your farm or ranch requiring attention or upgrade.

Read more about FRISP on BCCA’s website and contact BCCA for further information.