Cultural Learning with Neskonlith Elder Minnie Kenoras Grinder


On October 6th, TNCC hosted an afternoon of cultural learning with Neskonlith Elder Minnie Kenoras Grinder near Phillips Lake, BC. This event was the one of several cultural learning opportunities offered by TNCC to our partners and advisors and we look forward to your participation in similar events in the future.

Participants who gathered for the experience on the land near Phillips Lake included representatives from the Province of British Columbia, Invasives Species Council of BC, Grasslands Conservation Council of BC, Thompson Okanagan Tourism Association, Okanagan Collaborative Conservation Program, University of British Columbia – Okanagan, City of Kamloops and the TNCC team.

We gathered, seated in a circle by rushes on the edge of a small lake. After full introductions by all Elder Minnie Kenoras Grinder shared stories of growing up in the area, how she lived off the land including hunting, fishing, harvesting berries, roots, medicines and making baskets and crafts. We learned how the tules found next to us are traditionally used, including showing an example which she kindly brought. Minnie also shared the cultural significance of the area including the relevance of the tree next to us.

We each shared ideas of what activities and approaches are needed in the region for future collaboration and conservation in the Thompson Watershed.

We would like to especially thank Elder Minne Kenoras Grinder for sharing her knowledge and experiences with all of us, Shelley Witzky for facilitating this learning opportunity and all those who participated in this event. TNCC will share future cultural learning opportunities on this website, through our e-newsletter and on social media.