Connecting with Nature at Kamloops Children’s Art Festival


On September 17, our conservation stewardship intern Kimberly Parno attended the 22nd Kamloops

Children’s Arts Festival to help connect families with nature through art.

Each year, the Kamloops Art Council hosts the event, providing a day of art, music, and theatre to children and families free of charge. This year TNCC took part with Kamloops Naturalist Club and NatureKids BC – Kamloops.

To match this year’s theme, we provided rivers and rainbows themed masks which the children coloured, choosing from a bear, a salmon, a rainbow, and a frog. Kids also made and wore their own salmon hats, colouring in salmon cut-outs and stapling theĀ ends together to make a crown shaped salmon hat!

This was a great opportunity for TNCC to connect with the Kamloops community and talk about rivers and nature through arts and crafts.

Photos: Mandy Ross