Adams Lake Indian Band’s Salmon Enhancement Program


The Adams Lake Indian Band, with funding provided through the British Columbia Salmon Restoration and Innovation Fund, is working to restore the Upper Adams early summer run sockeye to a sustainable level and improve opportunities for sustainable use. Nutrients will be added to the lake under scientific direction to increase food production for sockeye fry and smolts.

In 2020, background information was collected on the chemical, physical and biological characteristics of Adams Lake. Nutrient addition was initiated in 2021 and will continue through 2023 with the projected end of the program planned for March 31st, 2024.

Results from the first year of nutrient addition in 2021, indicated that the addition of nutrients resulted in increased production of phytoplankton which is the main food source for zooplankton in the lake. Zooplankton is the main food source for young sockeye and will allow for better growth in the smolts. The increased size of the sockeye smolts will result in better survival rates on their ocean migration.

For more information, contact:
Don Holmes, Lakeshore Environmental at:
or Dave Nordquist, Title and Rights and Natural Resource Director, Adams Lake Indian Band at: